Analysis and Design of the Cylinder and the Wedge

Created on 2020.06.09 126 views
Nowadays, we are witnessing that, high pressure hydraulic lifters are used in many different areas in industry. Due to their practical working principle high pressure hydraulic lifters have a great advantage against other solutions. When such a tool is deemed necessary, the operator can use the system comfortably and safely with minimal regulation without the need for any long preparation steps. However, most of the products currently in use operate within a limited range of working capacity. This project report pledges the existing working principle to be developed under more than one title and includes its adaptation to a wider working capacity range. The most used hydraulic lifter working principles are examined in terms of advantages and disadvantages and enacted that the optimal solution should be provided with a single piston with multi-directional flow. The practicalities of the production and usage conditions of this system, the more studies and knowledge accumulated on it, and the frequency of usage are more common, were the main topics in the selection process. After determining the track that to be followed, improvements were made in the maximum load, minimum clearance and maximum lifting height parameters with the calculations and design improvements planned during the design phase.
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