Design for Manufacturing and Assembly of Stapler cum Punching Machine

DFMA of Stapler cum Punching Machine

Created on 2019.05.25 321 views
Nowadays largely used office tools, such as stapler and punching machine in government office, business, schools and Xerox shops. Expect these office tool have to be compact and easy to handle. Generally stapler and punching machine is used according to number of pages to be staple and punch. Also for center staple and punch different stapler and punching machine is needed. Keeping different size stapler is not handy for all. This report shows the multisize pins stapler with center staple and punching machine with automatic center in a single product. Due to compactness of this product cost reduces as well as it is simple to handle and use. In this project two separate operation done i.e. staple and punching operation in a single product.
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