Design Poppy's Forearm using Topology Optimization

Paris, France Created on 2017.06.21 668 views
The project was done as an internship in Supméca - Mechanic Institute of Paris with the cooperation of Placis and Dassault Systemes. The aim is designing a new left forearm with the mission of completing the Bionic arm - The idea from the "Bionic Handling Assistant" of Festo Company. The arm had been design in 3DExperiences, mostly in Generative Shape Design and Functional Generative Design (the successor of Tosca) After measuring , designing the shape to fit all the connection's parameters of The Upper Arm, The Motor and the Hand. The forces generated by the motor, the gravity force and the safety-drop force are applied to the model in Functional Generative Design in order to generate an optimized shape. The shape was then refined to have a better result in stiffness. The forearm is going to be 3D printed.
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