The design process of mountain bike downhill frame

Engineering thesis

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Over the last 25 years, mountain biking has been significantly popularized and as result same discipline over the years has undergone a huge evolution. The equipment has become easily accessible and thanks to mass production prices do not go beyond the capabilities of the average person, without hesitation we can say that in practice everyone knows someone who at least at amateur level cultivates some discipline of cycling – it is indicated by the size of the market and by the demand. This thesis is the study of the mountain bike frame design process starting at the My own pre two-dimensional concept kinematic model which allows to assess the behavior of suspension and the geometry of the frame by the three-dimensional modeling and complex FEM analysis ending with the real scale (1:1) prototype made using the 3D FDM/FFF printing (over 210 hours of printer work time and 2kg of PLA material).
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