Design of a prototype of a level-luffing crane

Created on 2018.06.29 390 views
This project is about the design, calculation and assembly of a scale level luffing crane, employing Eitech modular parts in its structure. The 3D modeling is made using Solidworks software, trying to make it look like reality. Once made the first design, the maximum load supported by the crane is evaluated. For that, a study of stability is done first, where the counterweight and the maximun load in maximun and minimum reach are calculated as well as the stability without load. The strenght of the structure is analyzed in the most unfavorable cases, and appropriate modifications are made in the design in order to improve the values ​​of strength and stability. The translation and rotation movements of the crane are simulated, as well as the elevation and variation of reach of the load. Engines' needed power are calculated for each movement mechanism. Besides, the plans are made and everything is assembled in a real model and finally the data which have been gotten in the simulation are compared with the real model.
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