Design of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) - Quadcopter and a Vertical Takeoff & Landing (VTOL) using CATIA & SIMULIA of 3D Experience solution of Dassault Systemes

End to end Product Design - Fuselage, horizontal and vertical stabilizer, port wing, starboard wings, landing gears with landing wheels in VTOL. Propellers, motors arms, canopy, GPS module in Quad Copter.

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Details of Project executed as follows:  
  1. Scope of Project:
  • The main scope of our project is to use drones as an Agro drone for spraying pesticides and for surveillance.
  • Also, to set up, analyse and disseminate standard planning theories and projects, the 3D model serves as a communication and participation medium, which provides visualization power to see the relationships of projects access their feasibility plans and implementation.
  1. Technologies used:
For the execution of our project we have extensively used the following applications to design our 3D Model under brand – CATIA Part Design & Assembly Design (Experience Platform of Dassault Systemes:
  • CATIA Part design
  • CATIA Assembly Design
  • 3D Excite for rendering the Drones
  • Simulia
  1. Stages / Sequence of work performed in UAS while designing:
Our project is executed by following the modus operandi as below:
  • Doing the reverse engineering of the Quadcopter (TAROT 650)
  • Designing the main frame, arms and all the subparts.
  • Assembling the parts through Assembly design
  • Strength analysis in Simulia
  • Sketching the dimensions 
  • Calculation of thrust to drag ratio and lift to weight ratio
  • Designing the product as per the calculation
  • Checking the aerodynamic test in Simulia
  • Rendering the products in 3D Excite.
  1. Learning & Benefit from Project:
    • 3D Experience Platform of Dassault Systemes provided me efficiently design and visualise the outcome for quick and faster result
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