designing and analysis of solar panel cleaning system

Manufacturing solar panel cleaning robot system

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Energy is one of the major issue that the world is facing in India, the supply of the energy has been one of the major problems for both rural and urban households. About 60%-70% of the energy demand for the country is met by fuel wood and agricultural residues. Solar energy is renewable source of energy, which has great potential and it is radiated by the sun.Renewable energy is important to reduce the use of electrical energy generated by petroleum. Solar power has become a source of renewable source of energy and solar energy application must be enhanced.  Solar pv modules are employed in dusty environment which are the cast tropic countries like India. The dust gets accumulated on the front surface of the module and blocks the incident light from the sun. It reduces the power generation capacity of the module.The output reduces as much as 50% if the module is not cleaned for a month. The cleaning systems has been designed cleans the module by controlling the arduino programming. To remove the dust in the pv modules to improving the power efficiency. In our model we are using belt drives instead of wheel drives this reduces the power consumption because of using single motor it reduces the power consumption up to 30%. This can even travel through the irregular arrangement of the solar panel at ease this can increase the efficiency. Keyword: Belt and pulley, Rolling brush, Arduino board, Dc gear motor.
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