designing of smart waste processor

waste processor

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Modern world meets lots of challenges that includes Smart waste management system. It is become matter of big concern if proper disposal system is not managed. Managing waste effectively and recycling efficiently, a nation can ahead one step forward. In this work, an automatic sorter machine is developed which can sort out the wastes in various categories to make waste management easier and efficient. It can be possible to sort out metal, oraganic material , plastics and aluminium by developing an electro mechanical and hydraulic system using micro controller and operational amplifier. For sorting metal and aluminium conventional sensors are used and for sorting aluminium and plastics a sensor using ULTRASONIC and IR is developed. A ultrasonic sensor and IR is used to find out the amount of sorted materials. By using the proper recycling system, the curse of waste will turn into blessings for the civilization. The sorting procedure will make recycling more efficient. By means of this waste sorter, the conventional waste management system will be transformed into SMART system.The organic material converts to fertilizer ,plastic converts to tiles and aluminium is get compressed. this smart "waste processor design" is unique in world. This SMART system will help to make our environment more suitable for living, reducing global warming and making the world healthier.
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