Detailed Design of a reconfigurable UAV

(Group: A Propeller to Mars)

Created on 2018.06.29 55 views
A UK company wishes to explore the feasibility of a reconfigurable UAV and has provided a list of preliminary Hard and Soft specifications for the design. With this information and following a Roskam design approach where applicable, the team “A propeller to Mars” has come up with two suitable preliminary design solutions. This report describes the development process of the proposed designs and focuses on justifying the many values assumed for the calculations that were involved. The outcome of this work are detailed drawings of 2 design concepts that meet the company’s requirements and comply with all applicable regulations.  An Unmanned air vehicle (UAV) design concept was created by the group A Propeller to Mars where it features a highly modular wing design to accommodate the mission requirement of man packability without losing any structural value. The UAV will weigh less than 20KG to avoid the complication of obtaining an airworthiness certification from the CAA. The UAV will be able to fly at the speed of 80mph at an altitude of 400ft, while having an endurance of the 30 minutes. The wing design plays an important role in the delivery of this product out to the market. 
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