Development of a realistic robotic head with high gestural capacity

Design of parts and mechanisms of a robotic head

Created on 2020.06.26 9 views
The project is about the design and elaboration of a robotic head with high gestural capacity. Its execution integrates research tasks on other similar projects, study of different types of mechanical solutions for movements, CAD design using Catia V5 of all functional and aesthetic parts, programming for motion control, 3D printing of the set of designed parts and mechanical and electronic assembly. The real model contains in its interior a projection system that shows a human face on a translucent mask, achieving in turn, with the mechanisms, a high similarity with the movements of a person. For the execution of the turns two servo motors are used, with which a high positional control is achieved. In this way a strong human-robot interaction is achieved.
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JR Juan Antonio Román Ortega
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