Digital Twin of Flexo - The Robotic Hand (FTRH)

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Nowadays, conventional design and operation methods are often neglected, as it is not feasible to store real time data. By using digital models, it becomes possible to interpret measurements, operational and fleet data in a different way rather than just detecting deviations from the norm. Several modes of failure can be simulated for the current situation trying to reproduce the actual measurement signals. The comparison of the simulated signals with measured ones can help to identify the failure mode. Overall the Digital Twin is a practical technology, which yields better results.  About FTRH and its Virtual to Real Digital Twin Basic Components used are :
  1. Arduino Micro-controller
  2. Servo Motors
  3. Strings and Springs
We've designed the robotic hand in CATIA and then Integrated the mechanism and simulation in 3DEXPERIENCE using the apps such as:
  1. Sketcher
  2. Part Design
  3. Assembly Design
  4. Mechanical System Design
  5. Mechanical System Experience
  6. Functional and Logical Design
  7. Behavior Modelling
We integrated the servo motors using the Reverse Engineering Technique and took the feedback from the servo motors in the form of analog values. Thereafter, we sent those values to the 3DEXPERIENCE Virtual Arduino FMI using Physical Arduino Platform and a Serial Code.  This Serial code will bridge the gap between the real world and the physical world. Hence, we can see the working of the values getting transmitted from the own created logic in Dymola Behavior Modelling to the virtual FMI block of Arduino which will send the values to the Real Physical Arduino board present outside and Hence our motors and simultaneously we can see the working of The Robotic Hand. Applications of such Digital Twinning is that a doctor living in Metro cities can help patients in remote location without go to that actual location. Using such wireless hands, he/she can operate the patients remotely using IoT and other latest technology.
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