DJI S900 Hex-Rotor Drone

Hex-Rotor Model for Software Simulations

Created on 2017.05.13 501 views
The file below consists of CAD files for the DJI S900 drone. The drone assembly was initially intended for use in software simulations; but later, it was realized that it could assist one in 3D printing replacement parts, or help provide one with possible design ideas for designing a drone frame from scratch. This model is approximately 95% dimensionally accurate. 3D printing a replacement part directly from the given CAD files is not advised due to minor inaccuracies, and different material properties. Instead, one should use these files as a starting point to designing a more robust, dimensionally accurate replacement piece. Please note, some parts' dimensions are not suitable for 3D printing directly as they are very thin (which is okay for metal — material of the original part), but not for plastic filament. For more information, please feel free to contact us.  Please visit the following link for the CAD files:
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