Coffee maker for office worker to make 3 cups of coffee in a day

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Theme that was given was Personal American Coffee machine for Office Initial stage of the project was started with the research. we prepared a questionaire for the coffee lovers and we did an interview of people and also posted the questionaire on facebook. Based on the interview we did decide on the average number of coffee a person drinks while working. The average number of coffee a person drinks in office is 3 cups. Our aim was to develop a coffee machine that remained cleaned, required less maintenance and less electric power. After the brainstorming we did decide to place the water-tank on the top so as to reduce the power required to drive the water to the filter section and the smallest magnetic valve available in the market was used to keep the size low and facilitate the exact amount of water that is required per glass of coffee.  The heater coil is designed for the easy flow of water i.e usually the heaters are horizontal, but in this coffee machine we designed at the particular angle (as per calculations) so that it can facilitate easy flow of water The filter contains 3 sections so that 3 different/same flavours of coffee powder/Tea powder can be added and it is easy removal for cleaning purpose.  We have a rotator part just above the filter which allows the user to rotate and select the type of coffee among the 3 available in the filter. The entire model of the coffee machine was designed in Solidworks considering all the manufacturing aspects such as machineability, draft angles, tolerances, material. Ribs as per calculations and parting lines. In-total there are 48 parts in the assembly including all the screws. The renderings were done in Keyshot software    
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