Eco-friendly FUel generating system from ALgae

Created on 2019.06.12 139 views
  • Problem Statement :
‘To design and manufacture an eco-friendly, inexpensive and easy handling equipment to produce bio diesel from pond algae at rural areas’.
  • Need :
The world’s energy consumption is projected to continue to rise at a rapid pace. As supply of fuel (crude oil) in nature is limited, to avoid future fuel crisis, it is necessary to find solution for future fuel.One of the solution about this problem is obtaining bio diesel from naturally available algae. But the ongoing processes for conversion of algae into bio diesel are too costly that they are not accessible to common man. There are not any steps has been taken at an individual level to fight against these situations till now.
  • Technical Description : 
The system is used for extraction of oil from the algae.It works on reactions containing Potassium hydroxide, algae, hardwood ash, alcohol which produces bio-fuel.It is basically a automatic reactor in which you have to provide algae as input to one end and you will get impure bio diesel as an output at the other end.
  • Novelty :
  1. Eco-friendly system
  2. Great potential to deliver clean energy.
  3. Its basic source grows fast and consumes huge amounts of carbon dioxide.
  4. System is capable to raise rural economy as algae cultivation can be done in rural areas in huge amount.
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