The effect of twist angle of turbine blades on the Performance of a simplified Pico-hydro power system.

Performance of a pico-hydro system

Created on 2020.05.07 241 views
Electricity demand in rural areas and some modern residential houses have rapidly increase due to diverse electrical applications such as lighting, ironing, operating washing machine and charging of mobile phones. A pico-hydro system is a small characteristic system that generates electricity from regulating process of water flow in domestic pipes, drops it (water) a gradient, and through the turbine before exhausted back to the reserviour. It is a clean and cost-effective method of generating electricity as it eliminates the use of fossil fuels and fuel wood, hence keeping the environment safe from CO2 emissions and preserving forest products. This project tests the effectiveness of twist angle of the turbine blades in giving out a better power output to satisfy more electrical needs.
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