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   From the late 19 century, global warming and pollution became major threats to the whole planet, it's the  responsibility for all of us  to conserve this world for future generations.so on our behalf we would like to take initiative to lower the level of pollution by designing and promoting our model of electric bike in order to reduce the conventional energy sources usage levels through this opportunity of participating in this great competition of project of the year-2020.   Electric bikes are driven by electric motors mostly BLDC type motors by using electricity as fuel,Electric bikes are mostly opted for their eco-friendliness and cost effectiveness and low maintenance as compared to conventional vehicles.There are two types of electric motors available ,out of which one is Mid-drive type and other is Hub type motor.This electric bike is powered with Mid-drive type BLDC motor.The performance and usage of electric bike purely depends on motor power rating which is usually measured in kilowatts.The power rating of present electric motors for electric bikes are ranging from 500 watt to 4 kilowatt with voltage capacities of  36 volts,48 volts and 72 volts.We have used 2 kilowatt motor with voltage capacity of 48 volts and a rated speed of 3000 RPM and 7.6 N-m of rated torque.This electric bike is designed for Racing purpose,hence the chassis design and various components are designed to elevate the aggressive outlook of the bike and the seating part is designed so as to provide racing seating position to the rider and pillion seat is avoided to reduce the over all weight.The chassis is of trellis type mostly used in racing variants for their optimality and compactness and mostly due to their reduced weight.This bike is provided with hydraulic brakes at front and rear wheels for optimum braking.This is all about our electric bike.Thank you  
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