Electric Scooter Helmet

System integrated into the helmet that ensures the safety of the user

Created on 2020.05.14 91 views
The aim of the project is to partially solve the problem of the safety of alternative means of transport in big cities. The development of the product brings up a simple and effective solution that will bring much more security to the users of these means of transport. The project is based on the problems that may arise when an accident occurs, that harms both the users and the rental companies.  For these reasons, the project involves the creation of a device to attach to individual helmets associated with each bicycle or electric scooter. The device uses Low Power Bluetooth technology, that sends, through data collection by the sensor, the confirmation that the user is wearing the helmet. This information guarantees the safety of the passenger while traveling, as the wheel locks will be released after and during the confirmation of the sensor. Thus, the user can only use the bicycle or electric scooter if he is using the helmet during the entire journey.
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