Electric Wheel

India Created on 2017.06.06 1103 views
ELECTRIC WHEEL :-                     A simple solution to make an E-bike , instead of making changes to the whole cycle and installing an electric motor device setup .....
  •  A single wheel in which all the motor and batteries are placed.  
  • Easy to install. Just replace the front wheel of cycle by this Electric wheel.All new brand E-bike is ready to ride 
  • No difficulty in pedalling the cycle. 
  • Both the pedalling operation and electric -wheel can be operated at a time
  •  Rechargable battery 
  • Recharges while in working condition also
  • Can attain a speed of 30-40 m/s
  • Can also be implemented in vehicles like bikes , cars also . 
  • Can be easily charged using USB port also . 
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