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PROBLEM •The water shortage problem we face arises not due to lack of it, but due to wastage and poor management. •For the generation of electricity many resources are  used like coal,wind,water. •And later on the abolishing of resources will also begin. •Everyone are thinking about the harvesting of rainwater at houses but the rain which falls on the roads are not considered. •The rain falling on the cars are simply directed through the drains after falling on it. •There is no use of that rainwater. SOLUTION •To produce some electricity from the rainfall on the cars we can use piezoelectric plates. •We will make a DETACHABLE setup upon the cars . •If we connect the piezoelectric plates in parallel then the DC will be produced. •We have to consider the pressure of water droplets on the piezoplates. •When it was raining ,the car which was moving with some velocity will experience the rain on the roof of it.So,we can produce some electricity through it. •The drops which are falling on the stationary car is having less density compared to the car moving with some velocity. So ,more voltage can be produced from the moving car than stationary. •The water drops which fall on the car will be used  for producing some energy. •Unless wasting the rain water flowing  through drains without any use, we can make some out put through it.  
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