A 3-wheeled Electric Scooter

Created on 2020.06.26 19 views
Begun in 1974, the kick scooter has evolved over time. The first kick scooter that came into existence was a manually driven model, but over the time the demand for automated models has surged. Also to counter the issues of traffic congestion, energy efficiency and environmental the need of Light Electric Vehicles has increased. Electric human powered hybrid vehicles show a great potential. They are cost effective, safe, easy to use and have a small footprint. To address all these criteria, we introduce with this project a Three Wheeled Electric (kick) Scooter. Electric scooters are common on the market but these are very costly and are a setback for old aged people who find it difficult to balance the two wheeled electric vehicle. Keeping in mind to reduce the cost drastically the strength and stability of the model has not been compromised. The vehicle not only suffices the demand of youngsters but also caters the concern for old aged people. The kerb weight of the vehicle is 15 kg. The structure is designed to carry a payload of 100 kg is. The scooter has a maximum speed of 25KMPH, and can travel a distance as long as 30 KM on a single charge. The model is provided with rechargeable batteries. Folding mechanism of the model is a key motive, that allows the rider to occupy the model in shortest of places and carrying it like a trolley owing to its light weight yet stable structure.  The model comes in three variants, one among which has a carrier to carry luggage from one place to another. This model caters the need of luggage carrier in places with long railway platform and or stretched bus depots. The model thus seems to confirm the vast possibilities granted by kick scooters in this regard.     
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