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My name is Marius MEHEUST, I am currently a 3rd year student in 3D Conception at IUT Mantes en Yvelines. L'Éléphant du Sultan is an elephant made by a French company named "Royal De Luxe" which travel all around the world to do street shows with spectacular inventions, especially giants and animals, they like making scenarios with these creatures for the pleasure of the spectators ! When i was young, i had the chance to spectate that spectacle and that's why i decided to remake that elephant for my school project ! We were 2 to make that project, Me as project leader and Michael CAMUS as designer, Michael Camus made all the structural elements, and i did all the animal envelope and all the kinematic of the elephant In a few words, that elephant is 363 parts 198 Joints 48 Commands and 8 Mechanism
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