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ELLLIPTIGO is a stand up bike requires about same amount of balance as a traditional cycles. Stand Up cycling combines the best of running, cycling and the elliptical trainer to give you a fun and effective way to exercise outdoors. Stand Up cycling is a great way to revolutionize your fitness. Current, former and injured runners can also use the elliptigo to re-strengthen their calf and hamstring muscles.  Scenario Out there? Generally 4 Out of 10 are facing the problem obesity and obesity. Yes it’s the only problem which we face these days. Many govt jobs applications are rejected because the first and forth test after written is the physical test.        To control one their body according to their needs one gets early in the morning and struggles to burn his established calories by running. Others who are in good health care go and join gym as the get in dilemma that joining gym leads to Solution for everything.  At the end of the human cycle comes the senior citizens who’s goal is to main good Cardio and stay fit don’t go long. While over viewing the problems which we come in our daily life and when we name them the rised as follows. Running Cycling  Gym( Elliptical Trainer Machine)   What makes the Elliptical Go stands Among them? Elliptical go= Runner+Cycling+Gym MORE COMFORTABLE RIDING POSITION Riding an ElliptiGO bike is not like simply standing up and riding a traditional bike. The fully supported foot platforms of ElliptiGO bikes provide a stable, more comfortable ride. The upright riding position also improves visibility with a level, elevated line of site. BETTER CARDIO EFFICIENCY The vertical, weight-bearing riding position helps to rev your cardiovascular system and build a more efficient blood-pumping “engine. GREAT CORE WORKOUT To maintain balance and adjust to ever-changing conditions (road, wind, other riders & vehicles, etc.), riding an ElliptiGO bike constantly works your core in ways a stationary machine can’t.  
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