Energetic dimensioning of our vehicle using system engineering

System Engineering of Multi-Disciplinary functions - Battery, Chassis, Drive Line, Controller & other sub-systems of Electric Vehicle (Energetic Dimensioning)

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Scope of Project: Performed Energetic dimensioning of Electric vehicle to get the dynamic behavior of each and every system and subsystem of our vehicle, like Defining energy and power requirements of each and every system and its subsystem of the vehicle and simulate the system, like the battery, driveline, controller, chassis, etc. We Verified the behavior of complex products, systems and subsystem that span multiple engineering disciplines, through Modelica based modelling and simulation. We classified the whole system of the electric vehicle into a different subsystem and then according to our requirements, we have given the input parameters to the sub-system and its components and simulate. We checked and validated it and finally we integrate all subsystem in a topology setup and simulate it we will get the desired output.   Technologies used:   We used CATIA BEHAVIORAL MODELING (DYMOLA) app of 3D Experience platform of Dassault Systemes for Energetic Dimensioning of Electric Vehicle   Short Summary of Different Subsystem of Vehicle in System Engineering Input              1- BATTERY
  • Maximum discharge power = 45kw
  • Open circuit voltage=72v-75v
  • Soc_Ocv=0-1
  • Tire radius  = .0875m
  • Vehicle frontal area = .665*.94=.6251m^2
  • Coefficient of Aerodynamic Resistance=.7
  • Gear Ratio = 0.15625
  • Inverter = inverter with constant efficiency
  • Machine = generic machine model with constant efficiency
  • ElectricDriving_SOC_min” = 0.1
  • MaxDischargepPower”  = 3.5kW
  • MaxSystemTorque” = 262 Nm
Output               1-BATTERY
  • Start SOC = 1
  • SOC_mean =  >1
  • Distance covered is 0.8 km in 100s.
  • Max. torque =  95.5 N.m
            4- CONTROLLER
  • Max. power =  3.5 kW
Learning & Benefit from Project:
  • Learnt fully System Engineering using Dymola
  • Implemented in Electric Vehicle
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