Exoskeleton for Paralytic Arm

A simple solution to rehabilitation

Created on 2019.04.26 122 views
Human beings have evolutionarily developed movement on pair of limbs which provides the coherent benefit of minute energy consumption. But this slick motion can also be hindered due to a diverse set of reasons like stroke, accidents and so on. The survivors are rendered with weakened limbs and require substantial effort in rehabilitation and regain routine gait. So, our objective in this project is directed at developing a novel type of exoskeleton to facilitate easy movement of the arm of a paralytic individual and also enabling them to work at their own efficiency involving daily chores. In the wake of that, we first developed a prototype model. for both arm and hand to check whether our concept is working or not. Our two concepts were wire technology and a link mechanism for providing motion to the exoskeleton. The finalized model was produced using 3D printing that gave strength to the model to act as a rigid body to hold high loads and equally easy to operate by the same individual or by any other. The high torque servo motor was used for providing torque to the whole system using four bar-like link mechanism. The operating and controlling were done using Arduino and joystick. With the above course of action, the exoskeleton was able to meet the defined requirements satisfactorily.
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