An Autonomous Field Bot

Created on 2020.05.21 158 views
Increase in demand of agricultural products has raised the issue of sustainability and efficiency in agricultural fields. For a high yield and high grade products, there is a need of Internet of Fields similar to IoT in Industries and for personal use. Automation for precision agriculture and data collection are two important aspects of IoF. These data once collected can be used by AI and ML technologies to make proper decisions. Internet of Fields can be divided into three parts: pre-harvest, harvest and post-harvest. Our project focuses on pre-harvest of the crops. It uses Simultaneous Localization and Mapping to navigate through the field autonomously. The battery pack is made up of Li-Ion cells providing 5 hrs. battery back up. The rotating tool mount on the gantry provides various tools for operation like watering, sowing, soil moisture detection and pesticide spraying. It has 40 litres of water & pesticide capacity.
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