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Created on 2020.04.26 25 views
this was my school project , to make a fixture for vertical stabiliser . we were asked to differentiate all the parts ( engineering , tooling) as per the engineering drawing which we were asked to make from our assembly. the professor showed his example for the project and it seemed cool , but I just wanted to try something different!  in that approach initially I thought of a very complex and different idea which I realised that is not practically good enough to be used in industry. i tried to make majority of simple parts with certain clearances and distances, and tried my best to innovate so basic parts that could be used. one of them include the screw that is used near the base part and the engineering part. I tried it to be made a bit differently on basis of multifunctionality. as in practical world, an operator would try his/her level best to keep his workload as minimum as possible and to tighten the screw  he may need tools.   our teacher asked to simply use components from website such as carrlane, but I realised that those parts wouldn't be ideal in case of vibration conditions! so I decided to make something that can be tightened using hands as well as tools like a plier or Allen key when needed. so I tried to design a multifunctional screw. i tried my best to think innovative both by design and practical application basis that how the stuff could be made easier , simpler and both time and cost effective. AFTERALL, THATS WHAT ENGINEERING IS ALL ABOUT!
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