The Flower of Reincarnation

(constructed of 2,141 parts, 70 hours)

Created on 2018.06.29 774 views
Dear world. I'm Shuhei Iwamoto. I'm a 2nd year student in the Product Design Department at ASO Architecture and Design College, in JAPAN. This time, I thought about Global warming and if I can make the work to be the symbol of its solution before I made this work. The concept of this design is "the Earth" and "wrapped in the symbol of reincarnation", and I used the Lycoris radiata to express that. So, I made this work based on this concept _ the Earth wrapped in the flower of reincarnation. Here, "Lycoris radiata" is called "HIGANBANA" in Japanese and one of its meanings in the language of flowers is "Reincarnation". First, I made a sphere and its radius is 6,200 mm because the earth's it is about 6,200 km, and I made its surface divided into more than 2,000 parts. I made those parts with petals of HIGANBANA. I placed the core part ( the earth), and wrapped the parts in a lot of petals. Finally, I hope that _ the Earth get reincarnated and all _ not exclusively humans _ can lead a happy life. Thanks for looking at my work. Let's enjoy this competition all over the world.
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