Foundry robot

Molten metal pouring industrial manipulator

Created on 2020.06.25 36 views
This project focuses on molten metal pouring into a prepared cavity during casting in foundries.It promotes Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 3 for good health and well being and also SDG number 8 for decent work and economic growth. Using an automatic(semi-automatic) molten metal pouring system has the following benefits; 1.Promotes safety of foundry operators by removing them  from close proximity of elevated furnace temperatures. 2. Increases accuracy and precision levels hence promoting productivity. Solid Works was used to design and simulate the motion of the joints and links. The links were laser cut and the ladle was 3D printed for prototype construction. The prototype consisted of Arduino Uno board as the controller of the robot's motions, operator interaction can be achieved via bluetooth module with an android smartphone acting as the teach pendant. A custom control application built using MIT app inventor enabled this connection. Proteus aided in circuit simulation and design.   Best regards, OKELLO BENJAMIN, MECHANICAL AND MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING STUDENT.  
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