Ghee making Machine


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It is usually seen that ghee making machines are of larger quantities and rural women do not have the capability to buy. An initiative to empower them by giving access to compact machines (10 to 15 kg capacity) to churn ghee and support their economical conditions. Rural women cannot afford skimmers to prepare butter.  Traditional butter consists of non fat milk solids which we feel while drinking butter milk. But this scenario is not noticed in skimmed butter of industry. They contribute to formation of black residue seen at the bottom of the vessel. This reduces the throughput of ghee by 5%. And also adds on to the contamination of ghee by decolorizing. It is aimed to impart industry standard quality at domestic level with minimal steps and cost.   Issues covered in the product:
  • Non fatty milk solids will be eradicated by filtering nascent melted butter.
  •  The actual content of pristine butter will be carried for further processing of ghee.
  •  No such inclusion of chemical or preservatives in the final throughput
  • Gradually this leads to 100% throughput of ghee
Our product has these features in it:
  • Completely eliminates the waste residue left over after heating
  • A cost effective, compact, portable working prototype model
  • Focused on aesthetic and ergonomic appeal of the proto type
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