Curvature Continuity
Physical Model Front
Physical Model Rear
Physical Model Deck
Physical Model Console
CNC Milling High Density XPS
Epoxied Components
CNC Milled Components (250hours)
Sanding Raw XPS Foam
Epoxy Coating Hull
Epoxy Filling Gaps
Wet Sanding Epoxy
Wet Sanding Primer
Two Part Epoxy Primer
Two Part Epoxy Basecoat
Rear Platforms & Decking
Laser Cutting Decking
3D Printed Console
Physical Model Studio Shots
Vinyl & Fabric Dyed 3D Prints
Sketching 1/4
Sketching 2/4
Sketching 3/4
Sketching 4/4
Console Design & Layout
Sketching WIP
Renderer Comparison Front
Renderer Comparison Rear
Alternative Render
Renderer Comparison Deck
Renderer Comparison Console

Glassline28 Sportscruiser

Winner - Jury Prize of POTY 2012 Edition

Created on 2016.05.17 195 views

A 28 foot trailerable sportscrusier boat design, intended to have more deck space and cabin space than other designs in the same category, while being legally trailerable and large enough to incorporate an Axius system from MercCruiser.

The modeling was entirely done in Catia v4 & v5 and included the creation of curvature continuous Class A surfaces for the hull and detailed & accurately dimensioned components for the exterior and interior.
Catia was then used to generate files for cnc milling the hull, laser cutting the decking, electroplating the logo & 3D printing components.

This was done as a university project at Curtin University in Perth Western Australia.

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