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This project I have been working on has been a personal project of mine. I am an industrial engineering student at Purdue University with a strong passion for aeronautics/aerospace. Over the summer, I have been designing a High-Bypass turbofan engine in CATIA V5 which I plan on 3D printing. The final 3D printed model should be approximately 15in x 9in x 8-10in. The project was initially started by my own interests in aircraft engines and wanting to learn more about the individual components and parts of aircraft engines. While the turbofan engine I created is not based on of any particular engine type, each of the components and parts of the engine were designed to be as conceptually accurate as possible as I began this project with little to no practical knowledge of a high-bypass turbofan engine besides the fundamental concept of it. This is why the engine is cut out so you can see the interior of the engine.With this project, I want to build upon it by designing the airframe structure of an airplane wing, fuselage, radome, etc and eventually creating a fully assemblable 3D printed aircraft model with cross section and cutouts of the plane.
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