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Hi everyone! I would like to present my latest project: a home-made-as-cheap-as-possible 3D time of flight scanner. Project was designed in Catia V5. Some parts were purchased (stepper motors, some electronical parts, bearings, connectors etc.) and some were printed using 3D printing technology from PLA material. The goals of project were to create a fully functional 3D laser scanner that can be used in many applications ex.: visualisation, length/surface/cubature measurements of buildings, documentation and many others. The scanner works, I managed to scan my own flat :-) The results are... promising :-) There is a lot of room for improvement, but the point is that scanner really works and it can capture 3D geometry! Parameters: - Range up to 20m radius, - Fully automated 3D scan, - Resolution: ~20mm for 5m radius sphere, - Interface USB (via Arduino board), - Output: cloud of points ASCI (txt file), - SD card slot to store measurements, - Power supply: 12V DC for stepper motors and 5V DC for Arduino and laser sensor (USB), - 3D printed base with steel bearings and 3D printed gears, - THT touchscreen. Thank you for your attention and thank you for your votes Questions? Do not hesitate: m.adamczyk[at]mchtr.pw.edu.pl
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