Innovative Hydrofoil

Designing a Kite-hydrofoil and investigate the scalability

Created on 2020.06.26 82 views
Hi 3DS Academy! I've spent the last couple of months working with Hydrodynamics within the project based course called Sustainable Living M0024T at Luleå tekniska universitet. The aim of the project was to design an innovative Kite-Surfboard equipped with a Hydrofoil and investigate the scalability for implementation of the technique in today's marine transportation. This could be seen for instance in this Swedish boat startup's design, Candela Speed Boat | 100%. Electric. Together with my group we designed and optimised geometry through simulations with varying Reynolds numbers, with the goal to reach the highest lift to drag ratio as possible with a sufficient lift force. The project involved several instances of aeronautic standards; for example with working with foils from NACA and with Richard Eppler's work from University of Stuttgart. Thanks to Michel Cervantes and Jens Hardell for supervising the project! [Report in Swedish and group member credibility]: Please note that SW has been used mainly for validating CFD.  Sincerely,  Axel Lindwall Project Manager
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