The triphibian

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The future requires a new concept as the three modes of transportation requires separate vehicles to move on. Hence we bring an innovative solution to this kind of problem, the smart mobility with future ahead concept. A single vehicle can transform into a car, a helicopter, a boat, and a submarine. These multi features were obtained with the latest and finite technologies. The concept of monowheel is introduced here for roadways which help in reduction in the size of the vehicle. Also, the ball-shaped structure gives aerodynamic support in all areas like land, air, and water(amphibious transport). This vehicle is completely accessed by both hands and legs, which make easy for the driver to drive in all terrains. This runs with solar power, the ball-shaped structure is completely covered with glass type solar panels it produces more power to run the vehicle. This makes the vehicle eco-friendly and is accessed to all places and areas without any difficulties. Keywords: Transportation. Threeways, spherical structure, amphibian   Webpage link:  
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