Project of the seat
Mold made of stainless stell for roto-moulding.
The prototype rolo-moulded of the yellow HDPE.
The visualisation of the project
Author on the prototype on the water - first try :-) (white HDPE).
The ergonomic analysis.


Winner - Jury Prize of POTY 2014 Edition

Created on 2016.05.17 223 views

Project of the kayak for a log-jams-river. The principles of the project were:
- prototype (in small scale) made of clay,
- 3D scanning of the prototype with 3D structured light scanner,
- creating a triangle mesh of point of clouds obtained from 3D scanner,
- creating a 1:1 kayak model in Catia in Imagine and Shape workbench,
- ergonomic analysis made in Catia in Ergonomic Design & Analysis,
- project of the mold for roto-moulding process,
- roto-moulding of kayak prototype made of HDPE,
- first try on the water :-)

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