Lake cleaner - An aquatic garbage harveste

lake cleaner

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  ABSTRACT Now a days city garbage is being dumped in lakes and seashores. To clean such waste,  we are introducing the lake cleaner which is fabricated from the recycled parts.It is used for cleaning the water sources by separating the garbage such as the plastics bottles and dry leafs form lake or river. The garbage collector can collect waste from the surface of the water and put it in the storage cabin tray. DESCRIPTION The title of the project is  Lake cleaner - An aquatic garbage harveste.  and it is fabricated  by using recycled parts.Lake cleaner  runs with a  impeller that uses water thrust to move the boat forward. The impeller  rotates by the pedaling. It  is placed between the PVC drums and bottom of the frame. The belt conveyor  moves towards the lake and it rotates the opposite direction of the lake cleaner boat to collect the trash in to the trash cabin. PVC drums are placed under the frame whereas cabin is on the frame.Chain and socket mechanism is used for transimitting the power to the impeller. Rudders are used to  control the direction of the lake cleaner. ADVANTAGES
  • To clean the lake
  • To collect trash
  • Low cost
  • Easy to collect garbage
  • To clean lakes
  • To clean small ponds
  • To clean sea water
FUTURE SCOPE We are using  pedaling now. In future it will be converted into a solar energy powered unit.
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