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Using CATIA Knowledge Advisor and Catalog

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Hello, Everyone My name is Cho Hyeon Gon. I am 24 years old. And I live in South Korea, DaeGu.  I major in Mechanical engineering in Yeungnam University, South Korea. This automobile is Lego Technic 42037.  The automobile is Off-road automobile for mountain or a steep path.  This automobile has a 4-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive.  I made this Lego automobile a 3D data using CATIA V5. Lego has a lot of the same shape. And there are many parts.  So I need to use CATIA’s knowledge Advisor and Catalog Workbench properly. Below are the characteristics of this Lego automobile modeling. First, I use CATIA’s Knowledge Advisor for “Power Copy” and “Design Table”.  These functions increase the design efficiency by eliminating repetitive tasks. Second, I use Catalog Workbench to manage about 500 parts.  This allows us to manage parts at a look and provides access to each part simply. Thank you.
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