LEISURE- The Electical Vehicle

An electric vehicle aimed for people who cannot use the existing vehicles

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IMAGES: 1. LEISURE -The Electric Vehicle 2. Isometric view 3. Labeled parts (Bill of material) 4. Front view 5. Side view 6. Top view 7. Enlarged view of the clamps used to hold the baby stroller 8. Ramp for wheelchair, when it is lowered down 9. Ramp in the default position 10. Picture demonstrating the length adjustment feature of the seat 11. Picture demonstrating the height adjustment feature of the seat    Statistics show, around 29% of the 46 million community-dwelling older adults live alone. Over 65 million people use wheelchairs. And a huge population of single mothers have various health issues. Taking all these issues under one roof, I present to you.... 'LEISURE - The Electric Vehicle' Leisure is a four wheeled EV(electric vehicle) which provides an self reliance and non dependence to people who are unable to use the currently available commercial vehicles. Lets paint a couple of scenarios:  1.  An old couple, living alone in a bustling city. They want some essentials for home, or have to go around the              neighbourhood .... But are unwillingly dependent on the neighbors for carrying the goods even for a short distance. This EV with its comfortable seat, which is height and length adjustable can be easily used to carry load and also to commute small or average distance .   2.   A women, a single parent ,who can not afford a helper to take care of the baby, or a busy household where the parents have a guardian to take care of the child.....both having health issues like arthritis and sorts... The EV , specifically for this issue, provides an adjustable clamps on the handle  to hold the stroller and take the baby for a stroll, while the mother/guardian has a comfortable EV to help with the strolling. The clamps are designed to move parallel to the handle and it's length can be adjusted to best suit the used stroller.   3.  A physically disabled person, who uses a wheelchair, always finds travelling or being self reliant on the commutation part a burden. To tackle this situation, the EV has a ramp which can be used to roll up to the EV. The seat is removable and once the rigging of the wheelchair is rolled outwards, the wheelchair easily sits  over the seat block (part no.2) . Two clamps firmly hold on to the wheels of the wheelchair. All the access to the functionality of the EV lies on the handle itself.    In the above situations, and many other situations, we see our current model of automobile industry and the society as a whole is not advanced to accept the problems of the physically disabled and help them be self reliant or self sufficient to commute in the society as a unbiased person. This EV plays the key role of paving a path to a society where issues as seen above is not a tale out of the unusual ,but rather where they are accepted the way they are by providing a machine as an alternate for some physical imperfection.   Some other key features:   1.The  EV has tubeless tyres to avoid the burden of a flat tyre.   2.The handle:
  • ‌ The handle has a rotating handlegrip which is used to control the speed.
  • ‌A safety button reduces the max speed of the EV to 30 kmph. The clamps of the baby stroller open only when the safety button is pressed. Since the max speed is reduced.... Any error in handling of the EV won't increase the max speed above 30kmph ,which ensures the safety of the baby in the stroller. 
  • ‌An emergency SOS button is installed on the handle. When the button is pressed, a siren goes off. An emergency message is also sent to 10 selected individuals ,thus ensuring safety of the handler. 
  3.An LED strip outlines the underbelly of the base which gives out an aura around the EV ensuring the handler can see the immediate surrounding of the EV, if they have to get out of the EV in the dark. This ensures no injuries due to potholes or uneven ground in the dark.    3. A strong metal basket and powerful high intensity headlights.   Specifications: Length: 1300 mm Width: 735 mm Height: 1080 mm Wheelbase: 970 mm Tyre: Nylogrip plus 90/90-10 50J Tubeless scooter tyre       The EV carefully integrates comfort, safety and an aspect of independence for people who are uncomfortable with the current models of automobiles. Thus providing a total package of accurately engineered body, amazing features and... LEISURE .      
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