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We, the Mechanical students of KLE Technological University, Hubli have designed and developed the low cost compact electric bike which is used to ride in a local areas.For example: (Suppose a person has to go for a shorter distance (4 -5 kms) to bring something he wanted, so for that purpose he has to either go by walk or he has to spend 60-70 k to purchase a new vehicle) So keeping in that mind, we thought why can’t he own a low cost electric bike. Due to increase in air pollution in urban areas and scarcity of fuel, Electric bike is in great demand but it is not used by most of the people because of lack of awareness. It is found that most of the customers cannot afford the price of the existing bike. If affordable, money spent on the fuel is high for the engine powered vehicles. We have identified the problem areas like as the present vehicles are heavy and more in weight, they are not easy to lift. Moving in congested traffic area is difficult. So Keeping all these problem areas in mind, We have designed and fabricated a low cost compact electric bike, which is pollution free, less in weight, Portable, and can be easily moved away from the traffic. Specifications of vehicle: Motor : 500W BLDC Hub motor Battery : 48 V 15.6Ah Li ion Range : 30 km/charge Speed : 32kmph Battery charging time: upto 1.5 hours Kerb Weight : 26 kg Load carrying capacity : up to 150kg Vehicle Dimensions: Tire diameter : 30.5 cm (12 inch) Height : 103 cm Length : 122 cm Width : 60 cm Wheel base : 93 cm Ground clearance : 14 cm   Unique Features of the Vehicle: • Low Cost • Pollution free • Can be moved away from the traffic easily • Less in weight to carry it anywhere • Consists of the cruise control to maintain the constant speed of bike • Consists of foldable handle to make it compact • Can be used to run in congested areas • Can also be placed in some car dickies           Based on the above specifications and dimensions of the vehicle, we can say that the vehicle will meet all the basic requirements whichever the person wants to have while buying. So our product design is totally unique.          As we have said it  is a low cost  vehicle, for a batch production we have spent around Rs.40k, but our plan is to give to customer around 25 to 30 k. so if we go for mass production, the manufacturing cost will easily come down. In batch production what we did we approached suppliers and dealers to buy the parts. Instead of that, if we directly go to manufacturers in mass production, the price will easily come down.       And for solid modelling of the vehicle, we have used the Software Catia V5 Student Edition.     Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government has set a target of electric vehicles making up 30 percent of new sales of electric vehicles by 2030. And also it has a plan of having charging stations at every 5 kms. So that we have made this electric bike which can contribute these targets of government for future developments. So what we do is according to customer needs, we design the chassis, select the motors and batteries and some other parts of vehicle.
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