Mechanical Ventilator

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Problem Statements: COVID-19 can cause severe pneumonia and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). In ARDS, the lung tissue becomes inflamed and is less compliant. These changes make it difficult for patients to take in enough oxygen to maintain vital organ function. That why COVID-19 patients need ventilators. How do ventilators help people breathe? In order to use positive pressure ventilation, patients must have a tightly fitted mask or a breathing tube in place. The pressure is used to drive air into the lungs, and exhalation occurs passively through the natural recoil of the lungs. Problem Solution: The goal of mechanical ventilation is to support gas exchange and sustain life until the cause of respiratory failure is resolved. The aims of mechanical ventilation according to the initiating indications include: • Achieve adequate ventilation - CO2 elimination • Improve oxygenation • Relieve respiratory distress – off-load respiratory muscles Working: My mechanical ventilator design ventilator can handle pressure-controlled breathing. In order to ensure a proper breathing cycle (inhale + exhale), multiple valves need to be connected. This ventilator run with the help of servo motor and speed can be changed with the help of a button on the front side of the container. The servomotors need to be controlled in harmony so that the air routing is consistent. This servomotor connected to rotating disc so this rotating motion converted into reciprocating motion. The ball bearing used to unsure smooth sliding motion of pusher rod. The Fixture used to hold the Ambu bag properly during working. This mechanical ventilator help to achieve FiO2 in between 0.21-1, PEEP 5-24 cmH2O & respiratory rate in between 25-35 bpm for COVID-19 patient. Material & Manufacturing Process: For all part can be manufacture using SLS metal printer, else, use an SLA resin printer with 100 microns minimum for all part. As SLS & SLA are Additive(sustainable) manufacturing method so this will also help to reduce waste, material & energy. Reducing the number of resources used has a positive environmental impact and also helps reduce costs. Reducing the cost help for mass production so we can full fill the ventilator requirement.
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