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Many thousands of humans are dying day to day due to the delay of ambulances reaching the accident spot at right time.So this prototype explains clearly about the emergent situation of a drone reaching the accident scenario with various sensors.The usage of this technology gradually decreases the fatal cases.It is used to save time and helps in patient’s survival.The technology works such like different types of sensors are fitted to the health drone.When a phone call is given to a prescribed given number,the operator thereby tracks the location and the navigation of the place is tracked using global positioning system.The medical quadcopter or drone arrives at the critical situation and various modes of parameters from the body are measured.This prototype gives the information of the patient to both the hospital sources and the nurses present in the normal ambulance.This flying medical drone reach the spot before the normal ambulance arrives the sce-ne.It also measures the real time actual situation of the patient and it helps in saving a life of a patient.The information regarding the pa-tients health parameters will be sent  to concerned hospital staffs and  to the respective staffs coming in  the ambulance. This helps the paramedics and the doctors to know about the patient’s condition before arriving the spot.This medical drone acts as a tool kit which flies to various emergency Situation. ambulance and the hospital team so that they will be ready to serve to the needs of the patients. The pro-posed prototype model is used as a support the persons who need immediate attention. While many medical use cases have been suggested for drones, and this overview focuses on the use of drones for delivering blood and vaccines, there are five main use cases that have been demonstrated for drones in medical supply chains to-date. Blood stock – Decrease maternal mortality – Decrease infant mortality – Decrease mortality from trauma Vaccine stock – Improve immunization rates – Reduce population prevalence of diseases Long-tail medic – Reduce mortality caused by snakebites or rabies – Improve treatment of cases that require second- and third-line antibiotics – Provide “urban” standard of care to rural patients Diagnostic specimens – Improve turnaround time for some tests – Improve integrity and security  
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