Mini-Bee's structural design

V-TOL airplane for medical emergencies

Created on 2018.06.23 1891 views
The Mini-bee is an innovative concept in terms of low-cost flight travelling accessible to each individual. It is a VTOL hybrid airplane resulting from the combination between a helicopter and a classical aircraft. Such a design provides the Mini-Bee with a great mobility of an helicopter and also a high cruise speed of the airplane. It is an octocopter with two engines on each wing. Two vertical propellers are located near the fuselage and there is a tilt-propeller on each wings' tip. In terms of supplying, the plane will include one little turbine-engine and a batteries kit. The latter will supply the 8 engines and also the electric flight control. The Mini-Bee main interest is to be developed with several configurations, each one for a specific employment. Our study is focused on the Air Ambulance configuration. Our main goal is to conceive a modular structure for the airplane, the modules have to be easily transportables and deliverables, then assembled.  A modular airplane like this will be:
  • low cost;
  • adaptable in several applications, changing just some parts;
  • flexible in developing and building: collaborative work;
  • easy to ship;
  • easy to assemble;
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