Mini Hydro power plant

mini hydro power plant

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  Present problem  :  lack of electricity is one of the major problems facing by villagers now a days but                                               Improving  Current technology without power cuts takes high cost, and we can do                                     That by using big dams and power transmission grids. Our solution for this  :  in order to avoid above problems we designed a turbine by which we  can                                           Produce  Electricity  for 60 houses and cost for this turbine is also very low  Working: first we install a turbine in the river near by village due to water flow in river the turbine rotate                     At very low speeds also so that we doesn’t need any dams to increase water flow speed.                      Then turbine blades convert mechanical energy into electrical energy with the help of                    Generator then the electrical energy is sent to transformer  and by using electric poles we can                             Distribute these electrical energy to around 60 houses .  
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