Modeling olivine crystals and plagioclases in synthetic basalt beads

Highlighting of modeling problems thanks to the contribution of virtual reality

Created on 2020.06.04 26 views
Our research project consists of modeling olivines crystals and plagioclases in synthetic basalt beads. We had the opportunity to use virtual reality with the HTC VIVE helmet. This allowed us to visualize more precisely the crystals, their arrangement and connections. Virtual reality is therefore of great interest for this topic, as it allowed us to highlight some well-modelled crystals where plagioclases fill the "gaps" in the olivines. In addition, some poorly modeled crystals or clusters of olivines have been visualized. These models are not correct because plagioclases directly intersect olivines (without gaps). This is therefore problematic, for example, in the calculation of total volumes, these are places where some volumes will be counted twice. On the other hand, to counter this problem, it is possible with Dassault System's 3DEXPERIENCE© software to model these common volumes and then remove them from the overall volumes. #3D Modeling #Virtual Reality #HTCVIVE Headset @DassaultSystem @UniLaSalle @Geolab
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