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Catia detail
Catia detail
Catia detail

Mountain Bike Supreme DH

2nd - Fans votes of POTY 2014 Edition

Created on 2016.05.17 733 views

Hi everybody,

I am a french student at ESTIA (Engineering School), I'm specialized in Mechanical Design and I'm participating in the Project of Year 2014.

During this project, I have learn the importance of a good design and the means by which we can conduct an effective analysis.
I designed as close as possible, a 3D model of the mountain bike designed by Commencal in 2013.

Thanks to the different tools of CATIA, I've managed to obtain a 3D model quite realistic. The main issue during the design was to find the right dimensions in order to design the shape of the frame.

I can't narrate all the details and all the hours of work, I let you look at the pictures.


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