Multi-Purpose Construction Machine

Automation of Plastering Machine

Created on 2019.05.30 73 views
The scope of construction automation is wide and automation of construction addresses various and serious issues related to construction for example, low quality of final product, shortages of skilled labor, safety of labor, poor weather condition, and short construction period which nowadays are features of project. Building construction mainly consists of commercial infrastructure and residential building, but in every sector plastering work is must requirement. Generally, there is not enough automation in construction industry. But today, it is necessary to think in that direction for improving the Quality of work in construction industry. Building construction plastering is very important as finishing the wall to increase its aesthtical values and to prevent the wall from environmental hazards. Plastering or Rendering is very strenuous job and need skilled labor work and more labour charges. For wall rendering very few mechanical systems are been developed and more work need to done. We are introducing new machine to automate the plastering work which is in very much demand for construction field. Our Aim is to design and develop a mechanical system which will reduce the human efforts and minimize the constructional cost and time. The machine consist of belt driven actuator, lead screw actuator, compressor, spraying chamber, hoses, hopper and it’s stand, Arduino-Uno. The model is fabricated by considering the normal constructed brick wall.
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