Multi Purpose drone


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Drones open up new opportunities and generate efficiencies in industries such as mining, agriculture , medical and other large industrial facilities. They have emerged as incredibly powerful, versatile industrial tools capable of completing a wide range of applications. In this slide we will discuss regarding application of drone in Medical, Agriculture, and Food Delivery purpose. Medical Purpose:- To avoid human contact in this Covid situation we can use drone in hospital where the danger of Covid is high, For transporting vital supplies. Agriculture Purpose:- In step Agriculture where heavy machinery are not possible we can use a drone for sparing chemicals on areas which is hard to reach for a machine. Food Delivery Purpose:-For unmanned food and goods delivery we can  use drone as a solution for efficient delivery. With the concept of Multipurpose drone we can avoid extra expenses . The design Modification can be done any moment as the costumer requirement Dimension. Instead of purchasing different drones for different purpose I am able to combine multi uses in a single drone by using Ekl. In this we can change our drone body structure according to the costumer Requirements. Here I have 2 models of drone with me according to the Axis No.( 4Axis and 6 Axis). And according to the use 3 variants are with me like Agro drone , Medical drone and Food delivery drone. We can able to get all the variants and required changes using Ekl.
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