Multistage Centrifugal Pump

ELEUSIS, Greece Created on 2018.06.25 415 views
The purpose of this design is to create a small centrifugal pump operating at an altitude of up to 10.000 ft. Specifications: Inlet and outlet internal diameter= 10 mm.  Calculations were based on Q=11l/min Power input is 28 V Direct Current Capability to be used with water & glycol and iso-propanol additives up to 50% concentration.  Capability to establish flow, taking into account a counter pressure of 5 bar minimum Material: Carbon Steel, Plastic Nominal weight w/o motor = 1.285kg  Volume w/ motor = 2l  BOM: 1x 28V electric Motor 1x Motor Controller 4x Impeller 4x Guide Vane 4x Roulman Φ6mm 4x Spacers Φ6mm 5x Gaskets 1x Deflector 4x Setscrew 1x Impeller cases' Housing and Support 1x Rotating Axis Members: Angelos Lyris Meletis Rentoumis Ilias Athanailidis Panagiotis Koutsianitis
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