My railway station with 3DExperience

A suburban railway station

Created on 2020.06.25 12 views
Hello,     This is my railway station designed with the 3DExperience platform. You can see the railway station with 4 ways and one train. I have designed the wole train, from the seats to the entire cars, with the apps "Part Design" and "Assembly Design". I have designed a train which looks like the Z50000's train, created by Bombardier and used around Paris. Around this train I have designed some stairs to allows passengers to go out of the railway station. There, they can take a bus thanks to the bus stops placed just next to the station. Otherwise, a car park is placed next to the station. Some vehicles are placed on the roads to illustrate hows people can move around te railway station. I have designed some cars with the app "Photo to shape", my model was the following car : Clio 4 by Rennault. The only components I have not designed are the tracks and the buses, I have imported them from GrabCAD.     This project is not finished. A lot of components are missing on the train, like brakes or lights. I would like to create my buses from the Heuliez GX 337's model. Besides, the car park is not finished and I would like to add a parking for bikes.     With this project, I wanted to desing a place where it is possible to use different public transports. Thank you for sharing a free 3DExperience's license. Guillaume Selwa  
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