The Ozonator (virus Killer)

Ozone generation for sanitation

Created on 2020.06.07 52 views
The last few months have been challenging for the world population.The rise of Covid-19 has been witnessed by the whole world ,which has increased the demand of sanitizers and masks.The ozonator is concerned with the increased demand of sanitization needs The liquid sanitization is promising, but the demand is more than the supply.The other limitaiton is the non-reusability of the liquid sanitizers. UV sanitization is one of the prominent method used these days for sanitizing public and health places, but UV light travels in a straight line,which means any crack or any side of the object which remains hidden from the UV cannot be sanitized,but Ozone being a gas can move freely and can sanitize any hidden part too. So taking the above flaws into consideration a new method of sanitizing using ozone has been proposed here.Ozone has been used to treat bacteria, fungi and viruses from a long time.Ozone therapy is used to treat a patient suffering from viral infections.Ozonator is a simple device which uses a flyback transformer to convert a low voltage to a high voltage.The high voltage is provided to the terminals where breakdown of the surrounding oxygen molecules into the single atom oxygen atom takes place. The single oxygen atom goes on to combine with oxygen molecule for the formation of ozone This ozone can be used to treat the bacteria of the surface of objects like keys,mobile phone and even our hands too
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